Wednesday, June 20, 2012

皆ボーナスを貰う! 皆!! 70万とか!

鉄: 「皆ボーナスを貰う! 皆!! 70万とか!」

石: その時、「.......」を言いましたが、後ちょっとインタネットに見たら:

民間企業・製造業 361,000円 -0.9%(前年比)
民間企業・非製造業 479,300円 -0.7%

じゃ... 石の奴は、また大げさを言ったのか...、 年間か? まっ、どちにしても、この二十一世紀の会社は、正社員よりも、契約社員とかアルバイト見たいに人を使う。 それで、僕は、ボーナスを貰わないだから、すべて、僕が悪いと言う言い方は... ちょっとおかしいと思います!

Tetsu: "Most People Get Bonuses! Around Y700,000!!"

Ishi: I didn't say anything in reply to that, but the army of contract workers I saw - outnumbering the "seishain" (permanent workers) while I was at BigCorp - came to mind, and I thought "One reason companies hire ever fewer permanent employees is so they don't have to pay bonuses to the disposable employees!" - but of course I didn't say that. That would just be asking for more pain....

Later, I looked on-line about average bonus figures and noticed a couple of different figures (one Y361,000, and one Y479,300, referring to different industries).

Yeah... it must be nice to get a bonus, but I wouldn't know - and of course that makes me a bad, bad, bad person....

Etc., etc.