Friday, April 12, 2013

"Why Can't You Pull Money out of Thin Air?!"

Tetsu: "Why don't you have more money!"

Ishi: "Well, I'm trying to earn more.  The economy is bad..."

Tetsu: "Always blaming someone else!  You are the worst human being in the world!"

Ishi: [Pain in chest...] (Thinking: Yeah... thanks.  Thank you for being a compassionate person.  I appreciate it.)

Tetsu: "You have no dreams!  You never say anything!  You're boring!  I've never heard of such a horrible person!"

Ishi: "I have dreams and I have things to say, but you ridicule my dreams and aren't interested in anything I say!  It's really hard to talk to you!"

Tetsu: "I don't mean adolescent dreams!  I mean concrete plans to make money!"

Ishi: "Well I can't pull money out of thin air!  And I can't rob a bank - that's illegal!  When I do make some money, you ridicule it as being nothing, not enough."

Tetsu: "It's not enough!  Not nearly enough!  You are the worst person in all human history!"  Etc. etc. etc.  ..............

I wonder if the robber banksters realize the full extent of the pain they cause - directly and indirectly....