Thursday, December 30, 2010



「.... んんんなに?!?.....」僕(石)が考えた。 言葉を出す勇気はなかった。 何しろ小石を鉄さんの方に投げるとミサイルが戻ってくる。

その先週の日から、鉄は、ものすごく冷たい - で、この石の僕は、寂しい+困る。 どうなるだろう? 不景気で、仕事がゼロじゃないけど、ゼロ近いに少ない。 未来は、一体どうなる?

2011年は恐ろしいです... かねぇぇ....

The Ishi and Tetsu Story


"I think I would like a divorce" Tetsu suddenly said one not-so-fine day last week.

"..... D... Divorce?  Did she really just say that?" I (Ishi) silently thought.  I probably should have verbally addressed the issue right then and there, but experience has taught me that if I figuratively toss a tiny pebble in Tetsu's direction, she answers with a full-force large iron cannonball.

Since that day, Tetsu has frozen me out and I feel like an unwanted stray dog in my own home.  Part of the problem or the (main) problem is the bad economy.  I have very little employment right now - just enough to pay for train fare and a few other things.  So... what's going to happen?

Is 2011 going to be a year of raging storms?  [Shudder...]

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