Monday, December 16, 2013

"Let's Watch a Movie!"

Ishi: "I don't suppose you'd like to see one of the Tora-san movies, would you?"

Tetsu: "Tora-san?  No thanks."

Ishi: "Well, you always say that, but what is it exactly about the series that you don't like?"

Tetsu: "It's kind of depressing - it never has a happy ending..."

Ishi: "Ah... well, some of them are like that, but some are actually fairly upbeat - like movie #19."

Tetsu: "What?!  Don't tell me you've memorized all of the movies in that series!"

Ishi: "Ha-ha!  No - I'm not that much of a fanatic, but I fairly recently saw #19 and and thought it was a lot of fun to watch."

Tetsu: "Hmmm... well, let's watch one next week maybe then.  I'd rather see something else tonight."

Ishi: "OK - then how about a Tsuri-baka movie then?"

Tetsu: "Ha-ha!  You're a big fan of that director, aren't you!"

Ishi: "Um, yeah, actually I am.  They're great movies.  They have interesting and fun story lines and don't resort to the action movie disease of needing to show death and destruction every two or three minutes.  Say - what is that director's name anyway?"

Tetsu: "Yamada Yoji"

Ishi: "Yamada Yoji... I'll try to remember that.  I can never remember people's names..."

Tetsu: "That's not so good you know... you should try harder to remember names."

Ishi: "Yeah... well....  Anyway - how about a Tsuri-baka movie?  Maybe #6 or so?"

Tetsu: "Why number six?"

Ishi: "I recently saw the first four or five and was hoping to see them in order..."

Tetsu: "OK, whatever.  Sure, why not - let's watch a Tsuri-baka movie then!"

Ishi: "Very good!  I'll get the cheese, peanuts, and wine ready!"

Tetsu: "What?!  You'll get doing that!"

Ishi: "..... But it's so much more fun watching a movie with something to eat and drink..."

Tetsu: "OK... suit yourself."


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